Legal Opinions, Advice and Analyses in Moscow Russia

legal support in Russian courts - english speaking lawyers in Moscow, Russia

Legal Opinions and Analyses in Moscow Russia :

Advisory legal services of our law firm

Legal advice (legal opinion) on specific issue or a comprehensive one will give you a deep understanding of:

your situation from a legal point of view;

the best possible solution of your case.

As the result of our advice you will receive suggestions about practical aspects of the case.

Price and terms of legal opinon depends on a number and professional level of engaged lawyers and total amount of time required for the consulting.


At your request you may receive one of the following services:

Standardized procedure – “Legal advice”

Commonly this procedure is the first stage of providing legal services by our law firm. We analyze Client’s documents and inform him about rights and obligations, outline possible developments, give legal advice.

Advanced legal consulting, project and agreement support

This kind of advising is provided in the cases when a great deal of time is required to analyze the legislation, Russian law enforcement practice and complex possible risks.

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