Legal services in Russian arbitration courts

legal support in Russian courts - english speaking lawyers in Moscow, Russia

Representation of client’s interests in other state authorities (Federal tax service, Federal Customs services, Federal Antimonopoly Service, etc.)

Representation of client’s interests in courts. Pre-trial settlements. Mediation.

Our attorneys have gained large experience in representation of client’s interests in arbitration courts and tribunals and courts of general jurisdiction in various types of disputes at all stages of the procedure.

Debt Recovery and Enforcement. Bankruptcy Proceedings Support.

Filling and sending claims to the debtors, initiating negotiations with the debtors aimed for pre-trial settlement and debt recovery. Bankruptcy proceedings support. Appealing to Law Enforcement Bodies.

Real Estate. Real Estate Transaction Support. Real Estate Dispute Settlement.

Insurance Law. Insurance dispute legal support. Some of our lawyers focus sharply on the disputes with insurance companies and its settlement, therefore they will help to protect your rights in resolution of an insurance dispute.

Corporate Law. Legal assistance in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and formation of joint ventures. Representation of client’s interests in corporate conflict.

Due Diligence (Legal analyze of the agreements, contracts and business deals from the point of Russian and International legislation)

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